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Acrylic Painting Flashback

Saturday, February 21st, 2009


Goliath [60" tall x 36" wide acrylic on canvas]

I do not consider myself to be a true “painter”, but once in a while I do get a burst of energy to put something on canvas. And for some reason, I like to paint big.  And I  usually build my own frames and stretch my own canvases. There’s just something about the satisfaction of putting the canvas together (not to mention the fact that it costs about 1/2 as much as buying a ready-made canvas).

I did these four paintings back in the Winter of  ’06. They were all derived from photographs that I imported into Illustrator, vectorized, and minimized the layers into just a few colors. I then drew the images onto the canvas with pencil, mixed up the paint colors, and painted away. I still have one more blank canvas hanging on the wall in my office …waiting. Maybe I’ll get another burst of energy and put something on it someday.

Man of Sorrows
[40" tall x 48" wide acrylic on canvas]

Nathan [24" tall x 24" wide acrylic on canvas]

Natalie [24" tall x 24" wide acrylic on canvas]