La Biblia Infografía

Bible Infographic (Spanish)

I was recently contacted by a missionary who requested a Spanish version of the Bible Infographic. I provided him with a high-resolution file to have posters printed to give away to a local church and elementary school during an upcoming mission trip. The posters will be given away primarily to children who will appreciate the vibrant color scheme more so than the black and white version. Dios les bendiga!

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3 Responses to “La Biblia Infografía”

  1. Chris says:

    That’s fine. I just want to make copies for my students, the graphic does a great job of illustrating the awesomeness of the unity of scripture, one of the strong evidences for the inspiration of scripture.

  2. Brad Thomas says:

    Possibly. Provided the posters are only given away for free. The requirement is that you would agree to not give the high-resolution file away, or put on a website to be downloaded. The file and any printed copies or variations thereof are not permitted to be sold under any circumstances. The Sixty-Six Clouds copyright license applies.

  3. Chris says:

    Any chance of providing a high-resolution file of the English version to have posters printed our for a Christian high school here in the States?