18″ x 24″ Silk Screen Print of the Bible

18" x 24" Silk Screen Print

18" x 24" Silk Screen Print

18" x 24" Silk Screen Print

The entire Bible at a glance! Custom silk screen printed with White ink on thick 100# Black stock by the craftsmen over at Vahalla Studios, this striking poster looks great as is, or placed in a standard size poster frame. Makes for a classy and unique gift. You can find it at www.66clouds.com.

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  1. Brad Thomas says:

    Hey Gilbert, I would recommend presenting the 4 pieces in your portfolio that you believe to be the best solutions to specific design problems or challenges. Showing that you can come up with original ideas to solve real problems or communicate relevant messages is important. Best wishes!

  2. Dear Identity33,
    Interesting Post, Hey guys is not that i need a confidence boost as a G. Designer, but i have like this very important presentation in college and i have to present 4 of my best designs, it can be anything ive done from Illustrations, photography, video, Identity, etc.

    i already ask some friends of course, but the more opinions i get the better ;)

    heres a link to my blog:

    Nice One!