Seeking God – Book Design

“Most people in the world are on some type of spiritual journey.” Seeking God: An Investigative Journey is a 6 session study designed to help people evaluate and discover where they are at on their spiritual journey.

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2 Responses to “Seeking God – Book Design”

  1. Brad Thomas says:


    Thanks for the positive feedback. Glad you like the design. I definitely do my best to try and create both thoughtful and good looking designs. You’ve done some great stuff as well. Keep up the good work!


  2. This book cover is really beautiful. I love the simple text and graphics and color choices. You get the whole solitude thing with the tiny lone silhouette on the big horizon. Then I love how big the word GOD is, as if the little hiker is on a journey to find him and He’s right there all along the way. Lot’s of things working for me on this one. I also do a lot of graphics for churches. I try to make them purposeful and smart and not just ‘cool looking’. Nice work.